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A fire sprinkler system is a network of piping which is filled with water and supplied by either water from a mains fed supply or a dedicated water storage tank and fire pump set. Pipe work for residential fire sprinkler systems is typically Blazemaster CPVC, this pipe is cut to length on the premises and solvent welded together. The sprinkler heads for the fire sprinkler system are connected to this pipe work in the areas to be protected.

In the event of a fire, when the temperature at the fire sprinkler head increases to itís operating temperature a fusible link or glass bulb will actuate allowing release of the water.

Actuation of a fire suppression systems will also sound an alarm to warn occupants of a fire. This alarm may be a dedicated fire sprinkler alarm or a link from the fire sprinkler system flow switch to a conventional smoke detection system.

A fire sprinkler system will always have a stop valve fitted which can be turned off by the Fire Brigade on their arrival once they are satisfied that the fire is completely extinguished.

Totally Concealed

The modern day fire suppression system including the sprinkler heads are completely concealed. The small round white flat cover plate is the only part of the system that can be seen. See Fire Sprinkler Head page. This cover plate drops off at a lower temperature than the sprinkler head operating temperature around 57 degrees Celsius. When the cover plate drops off the actual sprinkler heads drops down below the ceiling. If the temperature continues to rise then the sprinkler head will actuate around 74 degrees Celsius.

Benefits Of Fire Suppression Systems

  • Fire sprinkler systems can be used as a means to overcome structural fire protection difficulties, for example it can be cheaper to install sprinklers rather than installing extensive physical fire separation and compartmentalisation
  • A Fire sprinkler system may allow for relaxation of the regulations regarding fire doors and self closing fire doors.
  • Travel distances could be increased.
  • Design freedoms with open plan and means of escape are possible with fire sprinkler systems.
  • Quantity and extent of other fire prevention equipment may be able to be reduced.
  • A fire sprinkler system can ensure planning permission is granted on land that does not have suitable access to the Fire Brigade.
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