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Dry Riser Design and Installation

Triangle Fire Systems design, supply and install dry rising mains.

The design is completed following receipt of drawings. The rising mains will normally be installed within the protected stair case enclosure and have outlet valves fitted at each floor, with the inlet at ground floor level.

Approved materials are delivered to site and the engineers will fabricate on site in accordance with the design drawings. We use galvanised heavyweight pipe and the Elite range of landing valves which are in strict accordance with BS5041 part 1. The Elite inlet valves are in strict accordance with BS5042 part 3. The fire service inlet and outlet valves will be housed in approved cabinets and labeled accordingly. The valves will be secured in the closed position by a strap and padlock.

On completion of the installation the system will be pressure tested to 10 bar and inspected for leaks.

A certificate of compliance will be issued to certify that the installation and hydraulic testing has been carried out in accordance with BS9990/2006.

For further information or quotation please contact us.

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January 22, 2018
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