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Fire Sprinkler Servicing

To ensure your sprinkler system will operate correctly at all times it is a requirement of the British Standard that it is maintained and subject to an annual service.

On completion and commissioning of a fire sprinkler system, the details of the system are added to our servicing database. Approximately four weeks before the system requires a service, the person responsible for the sprinkler system will be contacted to remind them that the system now requires a service.

Servicing costs vary from £90 + VAT for small dwellings up to three bedrooms, to £300 + VAT for a 60 bed care home, (prices correct as of January 1st 2012). Triangle also offers a service contract for an additional 30% of the service cost. This is paid annually or in two payments over the year and in addition to an annual service includes:

  • Access to our 24 Hour duty engineer telephone service
  • 15% discount on all replacement parts
  • 10% discount on any labour should remedial work be required

Fire Sprinkler Service will include the following

  • Inspection of all sprinkler heads to ensure:
    • all cover plates fitted correctly
    • there are no signs of a leak around the head
    • the head still covers the protected area, i.e., has there been any modification to the room that has caused a blind spot from the sprinkler head.
  • Inspection of all ceilings and walls for indications of a weeping joint
  • Inspection of lagging, (if applicable)
  • Inspection and testing of trace heating, (if applicable)
  • Inspection and testing of alarm systems, (if applicable)
  • Inspection and testing of alarm interfaces, (if applicable)
  • Inspection of control systems
  • Inspection on pump, (if applicable)
  • Inspection of tank, (if applicable)
    • Water level
    • Signs of leaks
    • Low level alarm
    • Test for presence of bacterium
  • Full commissioning test

Following the service a new commissioning certificate will be supplied and the log book signed. If the service fails or requires remedial work, a full report will be issued.

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