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On 1st January 2021 at 12.22 a Triangle sprinkler system succesfully extinguished a fire at a 12 storey building in Birmingham, the fire started on an enclosed balcony as a result of a fan heater being left on.

The nearest sprinkler head activated and extinguished the fire, there was some water damage to the property but minimal fire damage. Thanks to the monitored sprinkler alarm the fire brigade were alerted of the activation and promptly attended the scene.

The flat was unoccupied at the time and without the presence of fire sprinklers the fire would have spread and caused much more serious damage to property and posed a risk to the buildings occupants.

The building had recently been fitted with fire sprinklers thanks to Birmingham City Councils commitment to retrofit fire sprinklers to all 213 council-owned tower blocks, and a sprinkler save such as this is testament to the importance of retrofitting sprinklers in high rise buildings.

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