Fire Pumps

Fire Pumps

Fire pump sets are a key component in ensuring that the fire sprinkler heads receive the correct flow of water at the required pressure. They are connected from a water storage tank to the sprinkler system pipework.

Sprinkler Pump Set


2. Pressure Switch
3. Pressure Gauge
4. Auto Test Valve
5. Filter
6. Flow Switch
7. Service Valve
8. Drain Point
9. Control Panel
10. Check Valve
11. Tank Isolation Valve
12. Pump (Fig 2)
13. Indicator Lamps (Fig 3)
User Information:
The sprinkler pump set self tests and therefore needs no input from the occupier. However, the user can push the Test button if required.

Should the pump set detect a fault during its weekly test which is scheduled for Mondays, an alarm will sound. Should the alarm sound, please call Triangle Fire Systems Ltd.

Additionally an alarm will sound if the tanks water level drops, 240V AC power is lost, DC power is lost or the water pressure is low.

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