Preventing Frost Issues for Fire Sprinkler Systems

Frost Protection

Fire sprinklers are generally installed within the heated envelope of a building and should not require frost protection.

Frost protection will be required for pipe work, fittings and pump sets when they are likely to be exposed to temperatures below freezing, this may be an outhouse, garage, porch, sheds and even loft spaces.

The thermal properties with CPVC pipe are such that it is already equivalent to lagged copper or steel pipe. However we recommend that all parts of the fire sprinkler system, that may be exposed to temperatures below freezing, are lagged and trace heated.

Triangle Fire System fire pump sets are lagged and trace heated in our workshop prior to delivery to site.

When Protection is Necessary

Where water storage is likely to be subject to temperatures below freezing, lagging and heating maybe required.

In areas that, under normal circumstances, have ambient temperatures well above freezing then lagging and trace heating will not be required. In these instances it is the responsibility of the occupier to ensure that the ambient temperature within the building is always kept above freezing.

This is particularly important if the property is left unattended for a long period of time in the winter and we would advise that the heating is left on a ‘frost’ setting whilst unoccupied.

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