Passive Fire Protection

In June 2021, we added Passive Fire Protection (PFP) to our service offerings.

PFP is a vital part of any fire strategy and works in conjunction with Active Fire Protection, such as fire sprinklers, dry risers, wet risers and fire alarms, to contain the spread of fire. This is essential for protecting the buildings and its contents and allowing more time for people to evacuate the building.

We are accredited by FIRAS for the application of Fire Stopping products to all services penetration through wall and floor substrates, this accreditation assures our customers that key standards are being met.

We offer the following services:

  • Sealing service penetration through the floor
  • Sealing service penetration through the wall
  • Installation of cavity barriers and blanket


We use the following certified manufacturers across the board:

  • FSI
  • Quelfire
  • Rockwool
  • Firetherm
  • Hilti

For any questions please contact Jack Fournier

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