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sprinklersystemsThere is a lot more to providing the perfect fire sprinkler system than might meet the eye; it is not just a matter of installing a lot of sprinklers and making sure that everything will get wet.

It is about ensuring there are exactly the right number of fire sprinklers needed to suppress any fire that might break out, and that they are positioned in the right place to ensure that they go off in time to put the fire out to prevent further damage and make sure that everyone in the building has the best chance of getting out.

It is for this reason that when it comes to installing effective sprinkler systems, the majority of people go to a professional sprinkler system company; to ensure that they are best protected in case of a fire.

Fire sprinkler systems, sometimes called fire suppression systems, should always be designed with building regulations in mind and taking into account BS9251 and all other relevant technical guidance.

Professional sprinkler system designers will start by deciding where best to place the sprinkler heads, and from there they will design how to connect this to the mains water or a water storage tank with a fire pump set.

They will then ensure that the water flow and pressure required by the system is correct and will perform in accordance with the British Standard.

Obviously, safety is always the main concern when getting a fire suppression system put in place, but everyone also has cost in the back of their mind.

A sprinkler system needs to be affordable as well as effective to ensure that it is efficient, and it needs to be cost effective to be able to be maintain it regularly.

A professional designer and installer will always try and give you the most economical system as well as the safest, and will be upfront about the maintenance needed and the cost of this.

Many companies will offer a maintenance contract or a guarantee to show they are confident in their work and your safety.

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