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On 15th July a Triangle sprinkler system successfully extinguished a fire at Coppice House in Birmingham. The sprinkler system was recently installed as part of Birmingham City Council’s initiative to protect all 213 high rise buildings in the city.

The fire started in an apartment when the tenant fell asleep in the adjacent room while cooking dinner. The grill subsequently caught fire and spread to the plastics of the oven. A VK480 side wall sprinkler head activated to extinguish the fire. The ‘pop’ of the sprinkler head activating woke the occupant who then called the fire brigade.

The fire brigade arrived promptly and found the fire completely extinguished by the sprinkler system thus eliminating the requirement for any active firefighting. The fire brigade isolated the sprinkler system within 10 minutes of activation which resulted in very minimal water damage to the property.

Due to the minimal damage, once the fire brigade left the tenant was able to return to his flat.

We were quickly notified of the activation and within just 2 hours the sprinkler heads were replaced and the system reinstated back to full operational use.

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