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A Triangle Sprinkler System has once again successfully actuated and extinguished a fire.

The fire occurred in a bedroom at a 5 store specialised housing unit at 11:51 on Monday 24th October. 2 pumps were mobilised and on arrival fire crews noted that the fire had involved paper/cardboard in a waste bin located in one of the bedrooms but that a single sprinkler head in the bedroom had activated due to the heat from the fire and extinguished it prior to their arrival.

It is believed that the fire was caused by the careless disposal of smoking materials. The fire caused damage to a small section of carpet and a small refuse bin.

The building is a 1980’s purpose built sheltered housing unit consisting of 32 flats with 8 flats per floor. All areas of the building are protected by fire sprinklers thanks to a scheme by Southwark Council to protect elderly and vulnerable residents in Southwark.

Triangle engineers attended site within a few hours to replace the sprinkler head and reinstate the system back to full operational use.

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