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On 9th June at 21.30, a sprinkler system installed by Triangle Fire Systems successfully stopped and extinguished a fire at Glenwood Lodge, a Brighton & Hove City Council adult social care facility. The system was installed during 2014 and commissioned in February 2015 using side wall sprinkler heads and in accordance with BS9251.

The fire started in a room on the 2nd floor of the 3 storey building. This fire had the potential to be very serious with 46 males in residence and the risk of it spreading to the floor above.  The fire brigade attended with two pumping appliances but no firefighting action was taken and fire damage was less than 12m2.

glenwood fire glenwood fire 1The fire was reportedly started deliberately and an arrest has been made.

The management were very happy to have had the system installed last year and delighted with its effectiveness last night. Triangle engineers attended at midnight to reinstate the system.

This was a pilot project for Brighton & hove City Council and it is planned to install fire sprinklers in selected high rise properties in a joint funding agreement with ESF&RS.

Triangle Fire Systems have already installed a system to one flat FOC into Somerset Point a high-rise sheltered accommodation consisting of 71 flats, it is proposed that this building will have sprinklers installed throughout during 2015.


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