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Sprinkler system has successfully stopped and extinguished a fire at Huggard House hostel in Cardiff.

Huggard2Triangle Fire Systems installed and commissioned the sprinkler system at the hostel for the homeless in July 2012. The system is in accordance to BS 9251, with steel pipe work, connected to cold water boosted supply and linked to the buildings fire alarm.

The fire was in a bedroom with the resident inside, the sprinkler head actuated and extinguished the fire. The sprinkler system raised the alarm by way of the building fire alarm and the occupier and all residents were evacuated with no injuries. The fire brigade attended but the fire was out on arrival. Huggard1

Fire damage was less than 5m2 with smoke damage to ceiling, water damage was light and the room just required mopping. Electrical sockets needed attention due to wetting.

Engineers are in attendance this morning to reinstate the fire sprinkler system back to full operational use.

A police investigation is currently underway to determine the cause of the fire.

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