Sprinkler System Supplies

Fire Sprinkler System Supply

Please note that Triangle Fire Systems do not supply materials for any other purpose than for installations designed and installed by us.

All our products are approved and sourced from credible suppliers.

Sprinkler Pipework and Fittings

Majority of our sprinkler systems pipe work and fittings are installed with CPVC pipe.

CPVC is an engineered thermoplastic piping material that has been used successfully for many years in a wide range of demanding applications, including fire sprinklers. It does not support fire, and will only char when subjected to flame.

It has a twenty year proven track record for fire sprinkler systems and is fully tested and approved by UL, FM and LPCB, as well as being accepted by all leading insurers. In the UK this product has been tested and is listed by WRAS for use in contact with cold potable water.

Fire Sprinkler Heads

Fire Sprinkler HeadFire sprinkler heads are crucial to the performance of the fire sprinkler system. It is essential that they instantly operate when required.

Triangle Fire Systems only supply UL approved sprinkler heads from world leading manufacturers. For aesthetic reasons we recommend concealed sprinkler heads but can supply pendant heads where required.

See section on sprinkler heads for more information. (Click Here)

Fire Pump Sets and System Valve Groups

Supplied pump sets and valve groups are bespoke. This ensures that each fire sprinkler system has a pump set or valve group designed and built for its particular requirements.

All components are approved and tested and carry manufacturer’s warranty. Once assembled, they are fully tested in our workshop before being taken to the site.

For further details see our section on pumps and valve groups.

Fire Pump Sets & System Valve Groups

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