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Derby Homes have produced a film to promote their commitment to fit fire sprinklers in all new build homes. Triangle Fire Systems have a close working relationship with Derby Homes. Our engineers, Burim Coka and John-Joe Dawes, can be seen installing the fire sprinkler system throughout this film.

As part of this commitment Derby Homes decided to include sprinkler systems into 118 new build properties. However,  the water suppliers policy for sprinkler system connections made it impossible to run from the town mains, therefore the cost of the sprinkler system would be doubled as each dwelling would need their own dedicated tank and pump. Triangle battled with the water supplier and finally agreed changes to their sprinkler policy and this saved Derby Homes over £100k. Triangle have just started on site at this development.

For more information on Derby Homes sprinkler policy (and to see Triangle Engineers in action!) please view the following film:

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