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hoarding week

Today is the start of the first ever hoarding awareness week undertaken by Fire & Rescue Services across the UK.

The key message of the week is that hoarding can create significant risks to the individual, the community and firefighters.

A video has been produced by the Chief Fire Officers Association focusing on the risks of hoarding and how these risks could be reduced, with one option being the use of fire sprinklers.

Triangle Fire Systems worked with London Fire Brigade, BAFSA and the British Research Establishment to set up a fire test rig to watch how the domestic sprinkler system would respond to a fire in a hoarding environment. The test scenario was deliberately set up to ensure that the sprinkler head would need to perform at the full extent of its working envelope. To achieve this; a side wall sprinkler head was used which was set at the furthest point from the fire and the fire was shielded and on the other side of stacked hoarding material.

The test was a success and early indications are that sprinklers could significantly reduce the risk to both the occupants in the premises and to the firefighters responding to the fire.

To watch the video please click the following link:




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